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Pastor John Strahle

We have been working with our family to remind our little ones about Stewardship.  They got little "piggy" banks, and we were counting their numbers and adding things up.  We reminded the girls that the blessings they see are from God and that God asked us to return a portion of that blessing to Him.  We had ten, one dollar bills, that we used to show them how they can keep nine and give one to God (10%). Then we shared about offering, and how we gave a portion based on how God's love has touched our hearts.  So we placed their nine bills and asked how much as God blessed them, and how much in addition to Tithe should we give.  

This month offering came in at $12,733 which is great, but we were short $9267 in meeting our budget. This means that we are short in having enough to pay bills like: roof loan, school subsidy, utility bills, local hires, etc. The church needs your help.  

Luke 5:1-11 reminds us of how we need to trust in God and follow His leading no matter how it might appear to us.  Simon was done from a long night, and was sharing with God the excuses of why he should not follow what Jesus was asking of him, but even with the verbal excuses he said, "ok".  SO they went out and put out the nets.  Let's take time to reflect on our faithfulness and ask God to share with us how we can do our part to help with this challenge.  God has an abundance to share, and through your partnership with Him we can get over this hurdle.  

Please mark your offering under church budget.  Church budget is what pays the general expenses of the church (some of the items I mentioned above). When you suggest to give to a specific ministry those funds are restricted to that ministry and we cannot use the offering to that specific fund except for that ministry.  This is why we ask you note your offering in church budget.

Looking forward to the Seeing the Victory and Giving God the Glory!
--Pastor John


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