Focus On God (a.k.a. F.O.G.) - Celeste Harrison
CALLING ALL JUNIOR HIGH AND HIGH SCHOOLERS -F.O.G. is on Friday nights at 7:30 and is for junior high and high schoolers. We will have an outreach activity, music and Bible Study. Fun, Fellowship and Faith. Contact Celeste 714-423-7223 for more information.

The church periodically has seminars or evangelism events

Bit O'Heaven Pre-School
Quality, affordable pre-school

Web Ministry - Nancy Collier, Will Baron and Paul Moody
Keeping the church website up to date, focusing on information and evangelism.

Women's Ministry - Nancy Wilkenson
Providing the opportunity for sisterly friendship, fellowship and worship.

Health - Nelson Dellator
Health activities and education for the community and church.

Music Ministry

Young Adult Activities - Dora Moldoveanu

Card Ministry - Frances Chavez

Prayer Ministry - Doris Khodari

Community Service - Richie Gutierrez
Helping the community. Matthew 25:35 pretty much sums it up.


Adventurers - Alex & Flora Chavez

Audio - Cari-Ella Rodriguez
This department manages the sound equipment and creating CDs for shut-ins and friends.

Video/Visual - Lito Moran
Creating the weekly video of the sermon, powerpoint slides and some special events/activities.

Spanish - Elias Gutierrez
Creating an environment for our Spanish speakers

Social activities - Denice Prince
Activities for the church family, including parties and our famous, annual International Dinner.