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2014 Sermons

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Date Title Presenter
2014-12-26 Better Together Pastor John Strehle Play
2014-12-19 Gifts to Jesus Pastor Vasco Brown Play
2014-12-12 From My Heart to Yours Pastor John Strehle Play
2014-11-21 Thanksgiving Pastor John Strehle Play
2014-11-14 Bring It On Mike Tucker Play
2014-11-07 What's Your Purpose? Celeste Harrison Play
2014-10-31 God's Silence Pastor John Strehle Play
2014-10-24 Old Betsy Pastor Albert Frederico Play
2014-10-17 Young Rich and Disappointed Pastor Vasco Brown Play
2014-10-10 Forgiven Pastor John Strehle Play
2014-10-03 End of Protestant America Alan Reinach, Esq Play
2014-10-03 The Power to Effect Change Belongs to Ordinary People Alan Reinach, Esq Play
2014-09-19 Built to Last Pastor John Strehle Play
2014-09-12 Handle With Care Pastor John Strehle Play
2014-09-05 Home Sweet Home Pastor John Strehle Play
2014-08-29 Mirror Mirror Pastor John Strehle Play
2014-08-22 Uniquely United Celeste Harrison Play
2014-08-15 Dreamer Play
2014-08-08 Touch of Faith Pastor Vasco Brown Play
2014-08-01 Center of Training Pastor John Strehle Play
2014-07-25 God Loves Liberals Too Pastor Albert Frederico Play
2014-06-18 Christ Dependent Pastor John Strehle Play
2014-07-11 Committed Disciples Pastor John Strehle Play
2014-07-06 Core of Disciples Pastor John Strehle Play
2014-06-15 Fatherhood Pastor Vasco Brown Play
2014-06-06 Are You Comfortable Celeste Harrison Play
2014-05-30 God Loves Babylonians Pastor Albert Frederico Play
2014-05-16 Baptism of the Holy Spirit Carlos Muñoz Play
2014-05-09 Believe Celeste Harrison Play
2014-05-02 Works of Faith Pastor Albert Frederico Play
2014-04-25 Fisherman Associates Pastor Vasco Brown Play
2014-04-11 Building Memories of Love Paul Negrette Play
2014-04-04 Jonah-Treasures in Clay Pots Pastor Albert Frederico Play
2014-03-28 Jonah-God is Watching Us Pastor Albert Frederico Play
2014-03-21 Jonah Not Too Far Away Pastor Albert Frederico Play
2014-03-07 Jonah Let Himself Down Pastor Albert Frederico Play
2014-03-14 Can Do Pastor Vasco Brown Play
2014-02-21 Procrastination Play
2014-02-14 When You Don't Share Your Faith Pastor Albert Frederico Play
2014-02-07 My Hall of Shame Pastor Albert Frederico Play
2014-01-31 Propelling Presense of Jesus Elder Gerard Kiemeney Play
2014-01-17 Understanding Your Limitations Play
2014-01-10 Looking Forward Pastor JP O'Connor Play
2014-01-03 Surprise Pastor Albert Frederico Play