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  • Praise the One Who is Worthy

    Date Title Presenter
    2012-07-27 Praise the One Wh... Pastor JP O'Connor Play
  • Though the Heavens Fall

    Date Title Presenter
    2012-07-06 Through the Heave... Pastor Albert Fre... Play
    2012-07-13 We Must Serve God... Pastor Albert Fre... Play
    2012-07-20 Do Not Resist the... Pastor Albert Fre... Play
  • Live By Faith

    We can see miraculous things when we live by faith

    Date Title Presenter
    2012-06-08 Live By Faith Celeste Harrison Play
  • Clearing the Springs of Livin...

    We will explore three ways in which the Christian, who has eternal life, may ‘stop up’ or block the blessings that follow Salvation. Changing habits in the way we try to fulfill our Christian Duties, changing the way we talk to ourselves and changing the way we forgive others will result in a richer Christian experience. By clearing away some bad habits, a more satisfying Christian lifestyle can be ours as easily as water flowing from a spring.

    Date Title Presenter
    2012-05-18 Tree Ripening Fru... Pastor Albert Fre... Play
    2012-05-25 An Encouraging Word Pastor Albert Fre... Play
    2012-06-01 How to Forgive Pastor Albert Fre... Play
  • Rooted

    Date Title Presenter
    2012-04-13 Power of Prayer Pastor JP O'Connor Play
    2012-04-20 How to Keep the S... Pastor JP O'Connor Play
    2012-04-27 Born of Water and... Pastor JP O'Connor Play
  • Surviving Troubled Times

    It is the attitude that makes the difference between giving up and survival. God's word encourages us and builds our faith so we can have the strength to go through the toughest trials. Preached at the Norwalk SDA church by Pastor Tim Roosenburg.

    Date Title Presenter
    2012-04-06 Surviving Trouble... Pastor Tim Roosen... Play
  • What If I Am Sincere But I Am...

    Today's society rewards sincerity, but it is not enough when we are sincere about the wrong beliefs; that can be deadly. We need to help wrong, but sincere, believers with understanding, the scriptures and enough love to tell them where they're wrong.

    Date Title Presenter
    2012-02-24 What If I Am Sinc... Pastor Albert Fre... Play
  • You Never Know

    God asks us to spread the Gospel, and it is our job to share. To sow seeds, you can't discriminate; you sow day and night. In the end, some of those seeds will germinate and be a blessing to others. Doing simple literature distribution inspires others to search the scriptures and come to know God.

    Date Title Presenter
    2012-02-17 You Never Know Heidi Bryant Play
  • The Book of Romans

    Romans is the greatest book ever written. It transformed a man, a Church, and a world. Martin Luther found his relationship with God through the words of this great book and you can too. Every question that you could ask about the gospel is answered through the clear, relevant, powerful teachings of Paul. Each of us could use revival and reformation. See for yourself how the study of Romans can benefit you. This is a verse by verse study of the book that changed the world. It may even change you! This is a multi-part series preached at the Norwalk SDA church by Pastor J.P. O'Connor.

    Date Title Presenter
    2012-01-20 Introduction to R... Pastor JP O'Connor Play
    2012-01-27 The Gospel Power Pastor JP O'Connor Play
    2012-02-03 The Wrath of God Pastor JP O'Connor Play
  • I Am Who I Am

    And God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.” And He said, “Thus you shall say to the children of Israel, ‘I AM has sent me to you.’” In today's life we often get caught up holding on to our faults. Simple statements like, "That's just how I am!" become normal responses for ungodly behavior. But only God has the right to say I WHO I AM because He is perfect. We need to be willing to be changed! Preached by Celeste Harrison at the Norwalk SDA Church.

    Date Title Presenter
    2012-01-13 I Am Who I AM Celeste Harrison Play
  • Mephibosheth

    When we are at our worst, God is at His best. He restores us to His family; we respond in humility and gratefulness and service.

    Date Title Presenter
    2012-01-06 Mephibosheth Pastor Albert Fre... Play
  • New Beginning

    Because of Jesus, we dare to expect that we can have a 'start over' in life. We can begin good habits, good relationships and especially so with our walk with God. Preached by Pastor Albert Frederico at the Norwalk SDA Church.

    Date Title Presenter
    2011-12-30 New Beginning Pastor Albert Fre... Play
  • The Crib and the Cross

    Jesus' birth story has many indications that He will die on the cross to save us from sin. The inspiration for the Holiday Season is always that Jesus dies for us, not only that He was born like we were. Preached by Pastor Albert Frederico at the Norwalk SDA Church.

    Date Title Presenter
    2011-12-23 The Crib and the ... Pastor Albert Fre... Play
  • Jesus

    Date Title Presenter
    2011-12-16 Jesus Pastor J.P. O'Connor Play
  • Gates of Heaven

    A difficult text to understand, John 1:51. Pastor J.P. O'Connor tells us that Jesus said He was the gate to heaven, a reference to Jacob's ladder.

    Date Title Presenter
    2011-12-09 Gates of Heaven Pastor J.P. O'Connor Play
  • Beholding Jesus

    Date Title Presenter
    2011-12-02 Beholding Jesus Pastor J.P. O'Connor Play
  • Islam vs. Christianity

    Tim Roosenburg talks about starts to talk about how Islam is talked about in prophecy. This is to wet our appetite about the upcoming 10 day lecture series presented March 30 - April 8.

    Date Title Presenter
    2011-11-25 Islam vs Christia... Pastor Tim Roosen... Play
  • What Happens When You Die?

    Date Title Presenter
    2011-11-04 What Happens When... Pastor J.P. O'Connor Play
    2011-11-18 Spirits Of Demons Pastor J.P. O'Connor Play
  • What is the Sabbath?

    Date Title Presenter
    2011-10-14 What Is the Sabbath Pastor J.P. O'Connor Play
    2011-10-21 The Change of the... Pastor J.P. O'Connor Play
    2011-10-28 What To Do on the... Pastor J.P. O'Connor Play
  • By Grace Through Faith

    A two part series by Pastor Albert preached at the Norwalk SDA Church.

    Date Title Presenter
    2011-10-07 When Grace Makes ... Pastor Albert Fre... Play
    2011-10-14 Eleventh Hour Grace Pastor Albert Fre... Play
  • Health Series

    Ani O'Connor visited the Weimar Institute and started to make diet changes for the whole family. Dr. Clarence Ing from Weimar begins the series on Health.

    Date Title Presenter
    2011-09-16 The Advantage Dr. Clarence Ing Play
    2011-09-23 Unclean vs Just B... Pastor J.P. O'Connor Play
    2011-09-30 Your Body Is the ... Pastor J.P. O'Connor Play
  • Evangelism Series

    Three part series

    Date Title Presenter
    2011-08-26 The Passion of God Pastor J.P. O'Connor Play
    2011-09-02 The Great Commission Pastor J.P. O'Connor Play
    2011-09-09 Every Member is a... Pastor J.P. O'Connor Play
  • Prophecy Series

    Prophecy plays a big part in the End Time. This is a four part series preached at the Norwalk SDA church by Pastor JP O'Connor.

    Date Title Presenter
    2011-07-29 Spiritual Gift of... Pastor JP O'Connor Play
    2011-08-05 Time Prophets Pastor JP O'Connor Play
    2011-08-12 The Test of a Pro... Pastor JP O'Connor Play
  • Communion

    Date Title Presenter
    2011-07-22 Pre-Communion Pastor J.P. O'Connor Play
    2011-07-22 Communion Pastor J.P. O'Connor Play
  • Family Friendly Fellowship

    Everyone is invited to church, no matter how young you are.

    Date Title Presenter
    2011-07-15 Family Friendly F... Celeste Harrison Play
  • Ready for the Rescue

    We review how God will rescue us from the judgements of the last days, sending the Holy Spirit to help us to prepare. Pastor Albert did a four part series on being rescued by God preached at the Norwalk SDA Church.

    Date Title Presenter
    2011-06-17 Rescued Pastor Albert Fre... Play
    2011-06-24 God Whispers Hope Pastor Albert Fre... Play
    2011-07-08 I Don't Want To B... Pastor Albert Fre... Play
  • Judgement Series

    This is a three part series preached at the Norwalk SDA church by Pastor J.P. O'Connor.

    Date Title Presenter
    2011-05-20 The Way of Peace Pastor J.P. O'Connor Play
    2011-05-27 How Do You Plead Pastor J.P. O'Connor Play
    2011-06-03 Case is Closed Pastor J.P. O'Connor Play
  • Boaz Loves Ruth

    This biblical love story teaches the believer how tender and compassionate God loves us and is eager to be reunited with us when Jesus comes again to receive us.

    Date Title Presenter
    2011-05-13 Boaz Loves Ruth Pastor Albert Fre... Play
  • The Gift of God

    Date Title Presenter
    2011-05-06 The Gift Of God Pastor J.P. O'Connor Play