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  • 2015 Sermons

    Date Title Presenter
    2015-10-31 Ezekiel Part 5 Pastor Albert Fre... Play
    2015-10-24 Ezekiel Part 4 Pastor John Strehle Play
    2015-10-17 Ezekiel Part 3 Pastor Vasco Brown Play
  • Amazing Facts-Daniel

    Date Title Presenter
    2014-05-15 Daniel Night 1 Carlos Muñoz Play
    2014-05-16 Daniel Night 2 Carlos Muñoz Play
    2014-05-17 Daniel Night 3 Carlos Muñoz Play
  • 2014 Sermons

    Date Title Presenter
    2014-12-26 Better Together Pastor John Strehle Play
    2014-12-19 Gifts to Jesus Pastor Vasco Brown Play
    2014-12-12 From My Heart to ... Pastor John Strehle Play
  • A King is Born

    Date Title Presenter
    2013-12-20 A King is Born Pastor JP O'Connor Play
  • Remember Lot's Wife

    Date Title Presenter
    2013-11-22 Remember Lot's Wife Pastor Albert Fre... Play
  • Keep a Song in Your Heart

    Date Title Presenter
    2013-11-08 Keep a Song In Yo... Celeste Harrison Play
  • When God Speaks

    Date Title Presenter
    2013-11-01 When God Speaks Play
  • Steps To Christ

    Date Title Presenter
    2013-09-13 Love Beyond Compare Pastor JP O'Connor Play
    2013-09-20 Recognizing Your ... Pastor JP O'Connor Play
    2013-09-27 Giving Your Guilt... Play
  • The Generocity Ladder

    Date Title Presenter
    2013-08-02 The Benefits of G... Pastor JP O'Connor Play
    2013-08-09 The System of Ben... Pastor JP O'Connor Play
    2013-08-16 Giving Above and ... Pastor Albert Fre... Play
  • American Idols

    Date Title Presenter
    2013-07-05 No Other Gods Pastor JP O'Connor Play
    2013-07-12 God of Money Pastor JP O'Connor Play
    2013-07-19 God of Pride Pastor Albert Fre... Play
  • We Are God's Family

    Date Title Presenter
    2013-06-07 Rules of a Loving... Pastor Albert Fre... Play
    2013-06-14 What To Do When F... Pastor JP O'Connor Play
    2013-06-21 Where is the Trust Celest Harrison Play
  • Truth vs. Fact

    Date Title Presenter
    2013-05-17 Truth vs Fact Pastor JP O'Connor Play
  • End Time Ministries

    Date Title Presenter
    2013-05-03 Evacuation Plan Elder Michael Joh... Play
    2013-05-10 Evacuation Plan #2 Elder Michael Joh... Play
    2013-10-04 What Time Is It? Elder Michael Joh... Play
  • You Were There

    Date Title Presenter
    2013-03-29 You Were There Ruthie Jacobson Play
  • Discipleship

    Date Title Presenter
    2013-03-15 Abide In My Word Pastor JP O'Connor Play
    2013-03-22 Love One Another Pastor JP O'Connor Play
    2013-04-12 Bearing Fruit Pastor Albert Fre... Play
  • Eternity Approaches

    Date Title Presenter
    2013-03-01 Life, Death and R... Pastor JP O'Connor Play
    2013-03-09 Babylon the Great Pastor JP O'Connor Play
  • Helping One Another

    Date Title Presenter
    2013-02-22 Helping One Another Pastor Albert Fre... Play
  • Choosing

    Date Title Presenter
    2013-02-08 Believers Don't C... Pastor Albert Fre... Play
  • Revival

    Date Title Presenter
    2013-02-09 20130209-Choosing... Play
    2013-01-04 John the Baptist Pastor J.P. O'Connor Play
    2013-01-11 Jeremiah Pastor J.P. O'Connor Play
  • Unmasking the Deception

    Date Title Presenter
    2012-11-09 Unmasking The Dec... Will Baron Play
    2012-11-16 Unmasking the Dec... Will Baron Play
  • No More Rebelling

    Date Title Presenter
    2012-10-26 No More Rebelling Celeste Harrison Play
  • What the Bible Says About Debt

    Date Title Presenter
    2012-09-28 Principle of the ... Pastor JP O'Connor Play
    2012-09-14 Why the Bible Spe... Pastor JP O'Connor Play
    2012-09-21 The Slavery of De... Pastor JP O'Connor Play
  • Aspects of Christ in our Lives

    Date Title Presenter
    2012-08-24 The Love of God Pastor JP O'Connor Play
    2012-08-31 Wave the White Flag Pastor JP O'Connor Play
    2012-09-07 Abundant Life Pastor JP O'Connor Play
  • Ordained By God

    Who is ordained by God? Do we have any say in it? Should women be ordained?

    Date Title Presenter
    2012-08-17 Ordained By God Pastor JP O'Connor Play
  • Abandoment

    What is worth abandoning to build a relationship with Jesus Christ, the Pearl of Great Price? He is not asking anything from us that he hasn't already done for us.

    Date Title Presenter
    2012-08-03 20120804-Abandonm... Heidi Bryant Play