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  1. Register at on the link below to access the training module. The training consists of 8 parts which includes a one-question test with multiple choice answers per module.
  2. To register as a new user, select “First-Time Registrant”.
  3. To select your Union, scroll and select PACIFIC, and for Conference, select SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA.
  4. Then create a User ID and Password.
  5. In the registration screen, you must enter your email and gender.
  6. For the location where you volunteer or work, select your Church.
  7. At the Volunteer Roles selection screen, select the first option ONLY. Do not select or check any other role or box.
  8. At the training screen, click the green circle to start the training.
  9. The training will take at least an hour to complete.

CLICK HERE for NCS Training

  1. At the end of the training, order and pay for a background check at the link below.
  2. For those who has a TIN number instead of a social security number, please select the “no SSN” button, do not enter any number.
  3. You can enter your pastor’s email ( to share your results with one other party at no extra cost.
  4. The background check results are ready in 2 -3 days. Please login to view your results after receiving a notification email from the system.
  5. Volunteers should submit the background check results to the pastor before they are allowed to volunteer.
  6. Volunteers may be reimbursed for the cost of the background check if needed. Please submit the copy of receipt with Name, Address, and number to, or in person.  

CLICK HERE for Background Check