Children's Sabbath School

Ages: Newborn - 2.5
Location: Upper Level

Beginners....Where learning about Jesus is lots of fun! Whether it is singing about Jesus' love while playing musical instruments, learning fingerplay songs, or offering up prayers and praises- we have a great time! Bible stories come alive with the exciting scenes of the Bible. This is a unique opportunity for children to develop friendships and for parents to meet other parents who are learning to raise their children in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Cradle Roll
Ages: 2.5 - 4.5
Location: Upper Level

Cradle Roll is especially designed for the active learner, ages 2 1/2 to 4 1/2. Programs present The Heavenly Father as the Creator in a most interesting presentation that involves learning with the 5 senses. Activities change to match children's short attention spans. Parents meet to consider the lesson of the day using Scripture and Spirit of Prophecy materials."
Ages: 4.5 - 6
Location: Upper Level

In Kindergarten #2 class the children learn that singing is praising the Lord. As a part of our Mission Story, each child has the opportunity to pray and learn about people from around the globe. Weekly lessons help the children learn about Bible characters and God's love for us. Craft activities reinforce concepts taught throughout the lesson.
Ages: 7 - 9
Location: Upper Level

Primary class is geared to children between the ages of 7 and 9. Children learn to become an intergral part of the family of God and to know and grow in Jesus. We begin class by singing praises to our loving God, then pray and give thanks to our Lord. Occasionally, mission stories are presented about other countries and children like them. A Bible lesson and memory verse are typical of our lesson studies.

Ages: 10 - 12
Location: Lower Level

In today's world our children are meeting with decisions and choices at an earlier age than previous generations faced. Through biblical stories we take Jesus' teachings and apply them to real life situations for today. Juniors learn that Jesus teaches that our mission is to be the light of the world, and by starting in our little sphere we can make a world-wide change.


Earliteen-Combined with Youth
Ages: 13 - 15
Location: Upper Level

Our focus is building relationships with the kids. We do this through weekly studies in God's word, this is an interactive class with stories, skits, songs and fellowship. We have open and honest discussion about real life and as teachers we guide and lead through biblical principles of how to make right choices.